Burgers and Bites

Sægreifinn Geirsgata 8


A legendary Reykjavík snack shack, the lobster soup served up here is a wonderfully warming choice, particularly if you’ve just arrived back to the Old Harbour after a whale watching trip. Its tiny wooden benches encourage conversation between fellow travellers and it’s a great budget choice too.

Hamborgara Búllan Geirsgata 1


A well positioned and very popular Old Harbour burger joint, offering inexpensive and generous combinations of burgers, fries and toppings at sub 2000ISK levels, all housed in a characterful faux Art Deco hut.

Bio Borgari Vesturgata 12


Tucked into a small shopfront in the Old Harbour area, this tiny burger joint offers a lovely combination of high end organic ingredients and a cool, assured ambience, with prices ranging up to 2500ISK for a burger and all the trimmings.

Hlemmur Mathöll Laugavegur 107

Right at the beginning of Laugavegur and next to the bus terminal sits this collection of food stalls of varying cost and cuisine, with plenty of seats to sit and snack while watching people and buses pass by.