Capital Cafes

Cafe Loki Lokastigur 28


Authentic Icelandic fare, served in an airy setting overlooking Hallgrímskirkja, this is a perfect spot to take a break, have a bite to eat and maybe even take the plunge with hakarl and brennivin.

Reykjavík Roasters Kárastigur 1


On the short street between Hallgrímskirkja and Laugavegur sits this excellent coffee shop where the focus really is on the coffee – great care and attention is combined with expensive looking gadgets to ensure the quality is top notch. There’s another branch on Brautarholt 2.

Stofan Vesturgata 3


This split level coffee house is a delight, with huge armchairs and sofas to just sink into and take a break from a Reykjavik ramble. It’s handily placed just off the Ingólfstorg square if you wander down Austurstræti towards the Old Harbour, at the beginning of Vesturgata. Very comfortable and relaxed, as the name suggests – Stofan translates as “living room”.

Reykjavík Röst Geirsgata 5


Possessors of one of the finest views to be found downtown with Harpa to the right, Esja looming across Faxafloi Bay and the Old Harbour immediately in front, Reykjavik Röst doesn’t need to try too hard to draw you in. A great selection of light bites, coffees and cocktails make for an extremely satisfying combination of outstanding location and fine fare.

Sandholt Laugavegur 36


This is an effortlessly assured local institution, handily positioned on the Laugavegur strip, stocked with splendid pastries, cakes and rolls, as well as a spacious interior to lure you in for a longer visit.