Arrival and Contemplation

It’s been a few days since my last post and a few people have asked about that.

Have no fear, there’ll be some words about the final arrival into the Cathedral square in Santiago on Sunday morning, the multiple bars and restaurants that have seen the celebrations of the completion of the journey, the joyful reunions and the sad partings, as well as the onward pilgrimage to Finisterre.

But I’m not ready to write them yet.

When I am, you’ll know.

3 thoughts on “Arrival and Contemplation

  1. jillgat

    Wow, so impressive to see the cathedral without scaffolding and covered with blue tarps. Lucky you! Glad you are headed to Finisterre. (I strongly recommend the Albuerque Oceanus, which I believe is on ) Would you have time to walk to Muxia?

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