Route 1, here I come…


After a few weeks of settling into the rhythms of life here in Iceland, the time has come to hit the road and break out of the Capital Region, leaving the bright lights of the big city behind in the rear view mirror.

On a number of previous visits, I’ve been able to cover roughly half of the fabled Route 1, a 1300km ring road that girdles Iceland and binds each region to the next.

To date, I’ve made it as far as Husavík’s whale watching waters and the “second city” of Akureyri in the north, through to the Snæfellsnes peninsula and its gargantuan volcanic region that inspired Jules Verne in the west, all the way down to Vík in the south, with its magnificent waterfalls, glaciers and coastal plains.

That leaves half a country unexplored, including the delights of the Westman Islands, the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, the winding roads of the Eastfjords, puffin and seal colonies and a multitude of tiny artistic, fishing and farming communities dotting the road ahead, jostling for the attention of my senses.

To say that I’m looking forward to this road trip is an understatement, of course.

There’s a sense of anticipation, mixed with a little trepidation, as my hopes for the trip depend on a few uncontrollable factors, most notably the capricious Icelandic climate, which has delivered a largely tempestuous and chilly May.

But I have a feeling that the weather isn’t going to be a significant factor after all.

Taking “the road less travelled” is suggested as an important path to self knowledge, grace and spiritual well-being, recognising the benefits of being open to new perspectives and alternative realities.

The Ring Road will provide plenty of new perspectives, although it’s very nature will, of course, bring me back to where I was at the beginning of the journey.

It’ll be interesting to see if I have learnt anything by then.

2 thoughts on “Route 1, here I come…

  1. Lois Lloyd

    Hi dear, sorry typed my name wrongly ha ha ha teach me to put my glasses on, can you change it please or delete it and I will type it again – love and hugs mum xxx

    “Sounds so exciting and I cant wait for the next instalments, you have done some thorough groundwork so filling in of the mapped out goals and vistas will be easier to drop them in here.

    I do hope the weather improves and please don’t forget to take some shots of the clouds, I adore clouds as all glider pilots do, and there will be wonderful lenticulars over the high mountains in the icy air.

    So onwards and upwards with meeting new people and fascinating small out of the way and off the beaten track scenery and villages – not too off the beaten track or I shall worry as you mother should, but we will see how the tracker works off grid!

    Perhaps try for some night sky pictures as the dark areas will be stunning on clear nights?

    Its Monday already here in Plymouth, Devon UK and the Celtic Hawthorn moon will be full soon, so it will light your way and we will await your magic pictures and stories. Love and blessings from your very proud Mum xxx


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