Bless bless, Ísland

As I sit here in the departure lounge at Keflavík, having just walked past this sign, a wild range of emotions are running through my head.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of spending four fantastic months in this gorgeous country, with a stack of heartfelt memories now stored away deep in my soul – images, sounds, sensations and emotions that have moved me in so many ways and will never be far away from my mind.

Now, it’s time to leave and remind friends and family what I look like for a few days and then begin the other crazy thing that I wanted to do this summer – going for a very long walk for no particular reason, by attempting to walk the Camino.

So, I’m a bit mixed up – I love it here and don’t really want to leave, but having experienced the “worst summer in Iceland in a hundred years”, I’m fairly confident that I’m not missing much if I dodge the winter here!

I’m also pretty excited about the prospect of walking across Spain for a few weeks and maybe actually seeing the sun on a few occasions along the way.

I think my legs and feet are ready, but we’ll see about that.

So – bless bless, Ísland and takk fyrir for all that you’ve given me this summer.

I’ll look forward to seeing that sign again soon…

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