Bayonne and St-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Another day of transferring from one place to another, but one that sees me finally at the starting gate for the Camino Frances, nestling in the shadow of the Pyrenees and in bed by 10pm (house rules, don’t you know…)

After a contretemps this morning with a shower door at my Airbnb in Biarritz, I’m happy to report that my left foot is fine and looking forward to the challenge ahead.

The right foot also agrees and is being slightly superior about it too.

Meanwhile, Bayonne proved to be well worthy of a four hour layover, with a splendid cathedral and a reasonably priced chicken salad on offer, as well as a good catch up with yet another Pilgrim (we’re everywhere).

After a lovely rail journey up into the foothills of the Pyrenees in the hands of a train driver who allowed his son and daughter into the cockpit and sound the horn at will, it was a pleasure to still be alive to wander around SJPDP (as we Pilgrims call it) and buy yet more vital equipment.

I now have what can only be described as a Gianluigi Buffon/Nik Kershaw-type snood (UV protection, yadda yadda) and a new disease-carrying wristband.

I’ve just had an excellent meal with 20 fellow Pilgrims, which saw me actually consume and enjoy lentil soup.

If that’s not evidence of this already being a life-changing experience, I don’t know what to tell you.

Night night.

4 thoughts on “Bayonne and St-Jean-Pied-de-Port

  1. loia Lloyd

    hi dear, so pleased for you that its all going well and that both feet are behaving well, after all the preparation its all one should expect of them! So proud of you and hope your experiences and the amazing views and people you meet will be so worth the great efforts you have put in. BUENO CAMINO, my father would have loved to have walked with you, being a staunch catholic the reasons may have been different, but both all your grandparents and ancestors and those who love you are walking with you xxx

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  2. Mark Lee

    I’m kinda looking at doing a spontaneous Camino Frances….again, in about 2 weeks. It sounds like the train from Bayonne to SJPdP is back in service, correct? I was looking into flying to Dublin, and then flying to Biarritz/ Bayonne.
    Also have the pilgrim numbers thinned out a bit?


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