Camino Compadres

The night before I started the Camino from St Jean Pied de Port, there was a communal dinner at the albergue and the hospitaleroes asked each of us to say a few words about who we were, where we were from and why we were going to walk along The Way.

When it came to me, I said that I didn’t really know why, but perhaps I might find the reason along the path.

Well, I did.

Here they are.

Not all of them – I often forget to take a photo of people when I should.

But here’s about 20-30 reasons to have made this journey.

I’m honoured to have shared this with all of you wonderful, inspirational, funny and fascinating people.

You know who you are.

Muchas gracias, adios and Buen Camino.

Until the reunion in Dublin…


4 thoughts on “Camino Compadres

  1. Lois Lloyd

    I thought that too Phil, what a bond must have grown between each person and another as they strived in their own way, and own thoughts and own reasons and utterly self contained for most of the journey. You can feel the emotions bouncing off each one of the relieved happy faces – its very touching and Im sure John and the others will really miss each other – any excuse for a reunion of course.

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